Distributed CYber Physical Human systEms Research (D-CYPHER) Lab

Vaibhav Srivastava | vaibhav@egr.msu.edu | www.egr.msu.edu/d-cypher/


Research in the Distributed CYber Physical Human systEms Research (D-CYPHER) Laboratory includes human-robot interaction; multi-armed bandit problems; modeling human decision-making; collective decision-making in network systems; robotic search and surveillance problems; distributed optimization.

Current research projects are described below:

  • Design of distributed algorithms for multi-agent stochastic multi-armed bandit problems that maximize the cumulative team reward, and analysis of influence of network structure on individual performance.
  • Design of distributed linear filtering algorithms under noisy communication for sensor networks in which the process dynamics is possibly not detectable locally but is globally detectable.
  • Models for human decision-making that allow for contextual learning along with the principal learning and optimal methods to fuse contextual information with principal information.
  • Development of novel dynamic regression methods to model and predict the human operator’s performance based on the EEG signals and design of motion planning algorithms that use this information to aid the operator
  • Development of testbed for mobile robotics that includes ViCon motion capture systems, aerial robots, ground robots, and possibly virtual reality.