Electrical Machines and Drives

Elias G. Strangas | strangas@egr.msu.edu | www.egr.msu.edu/emdl


The Electrical Machines and Drives Laboratory specializes on topics related to electrical drives. Specifically we are working on:

  • Design of electrical machines and their controls for high performance applications, related to traction, actuators and commercial service.  We concentrate on the effect of the design parameters on losses, torque pulsations, torque density and fault withstand.
  • Fault diagnosis of Electrical Drives. We have investigated a plethora of faults, their manifestations and the methods that can be used to detect them. These include faults in bearings, magnets (before assembly, in semi-assembled parts and in operating machines), short and open circuits, bearing faults, insulation initial conditions and deterioration etc.  For these we use a mix of techniques, based on machine models, and signal processing methods.
  • Failure prognosis and mitigation. In certain applications a failure can be predicted, and the Remaining Useful Life estimated, so that mitigation action can be employed or maintenance scheduled in a timely fashion. We have developed techniques and tools and demonstrated their use.