Plasma-Assisted Materials Processes and Processing Machines

Timothy Grotjohn |  |


Dr. Grotjohn's research interests include the modeling, design, diagnostics, and applications of plasma-assisted materials processes and processing machines. Current emphasis is on plasma-assisted diamond deposition and the application of diamond to electronic devices. Additionally he studies microplasmas for materials processing including 3-D printing. Current work on diamond electronic devices focuses on the development of diamond diodes and transistors for high power applications requiring high voltages greater that 1 kV and currents greater than 10 A. Diamond as a semiconductor material has a larger bandgap, high thermal conductivity and higher electrical field breakdown voltage as compared to silicon, silicon carbide and gallium nitride semiconductor materials. Diamond diodes and switches have applications in more energy efficient electrical power grids, more energy efficient transportation systems, and also to higher power, high frequency communication systems.