This video news story from MSU Today discusses the future of autonomous vehicles.

Spartan engineers are leading an all-Michigan effort to create wearable devices that monitor exposure to dangerous particle… more

Returns by Radar-Camera Fusion

that breaks through sign language barriers

in the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Programs for Electrical and Computer Engineering

measures mood on Mars

New blood pressure app published in Scientific Reports and featured in the Wall Street Journal

Inspired by Iron Man’s “JARVIS," Mi Zhang is collaborating on using superpowers in the gym

to showcase their underwater robotics research at MSU

University Distinguished Professor Shanker Balasubramaniam

to develop theoretical models for “Understanding Ultrafast and Nanoscale Electron Emission and Transport.”

to improve search-and-rescue missions with humans and robots

with a flexible, foldable, FerroElectret-NanoGenerators (FENG).

as a national finalist in the Naval Research Challenge for research on 3D printing

ECE launches the Midland M.S. Program in Electrical Engineering in partnership with Nexteer.

Sepulveda's work on a paper-thin, flexible device is featured on MSU Today.

with President Simon and AD Mark Hollis on the future possibilities for autonomous vehicle

to develop coherent distributed arrays on future radar, communication, and sensing systems.